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My name is Mark Stout.  The first thing that you should know about me is that I am new to blogging and, more specifically, to laying out blog sites.  I am definitely still in the steep part of the learning curve. 

Other things you might want to know about me:  I am a veteran of a number of agencies and departments of the Federal Government and I also spent six years at a major non-profit defense think-tank.  Now I teach and write and am also open to consulting opportunities or speaking engagements.  I have spoken at most of the major professional military educational institutions in recent years. 

I am also finishing up a PhD in history at the University of Leeds.  I’m working under Prof. John Gooch there and hopefully will soon be submitting my dissertation which is presently entitled “‘Complete Observation of the Entire World’:  The Invention of American Intelligence during World War I.”

I have co-authored a couple of books.  I made very modest contributions to The Iraqi Perspectives Report: Saddam’s Senior Leadership on Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Look also for a new and exciting book on Iraq to which I contributed coming soon(ish).  I’ve also co-authored with my friend Harry Yeide a popular history of the operations of the 6th Army Group (Seventh U.S. Army, First French Army) during World War II.  This was entitled First to the Rhine:  The Sixth Army Group in World War II.  Most recently, I was the lead author of The Terrorist Perspectives Project:  Strategic and Operational Views of al Qaida and Associated Movements.

From this, you might conclude that my interests in war are broad.  You would be correct.  I am certainly interested in traditional types of military history that involve red and blue arrows moving over maps.  However, the locus of my interest is in in the area where intelligence and war overlap and in what one might call “irregular warfare.”  I am especially interested in how people think and theorize about war.

And, above and beyond all of that, I am a bibliophile.

You can contact me by email through comcast.net where my userid is mpstout2.

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