The Hidden Side of the Alleged Capitol Hill Suicide Bomber

Glittarazzi, a blog side that I do not normally frequent (just want to be clear about that), has done an interesting bit of investigative reporting about Amine el-Khalifi who was arrested the other day allegedly on his way to suicide bomb the U.S. Capitol.

Glittarazzi has found that El-Khalifi was a regular in the DC club scene between 2004 and 2008.  Glittarazzi found his former associates and girlfriends and got the goods on him.  His street name was “Mino” and he dumped a lot of money on liposuction.  He dealt drugs and was a “‘label whore’ with a closet full of Dolce and Gabbana.”  He also liked to have sex in the clubs and beyond that had unspecified unusual sexual habits.  There’s more, but that gives the gist of it.

Apparently all this came to an end in 2008 when he started dating a Bulgarian woman (I might imagine that she was Turkish-Bulgarian) and became devoutly religious.

This sounds like a person who was adrift taking solace in hedonism but looking for something to latch onto in life.  Unfortunately, he found the wrong anchor.  Then the zeal of the convert took over perhaps compounded by a bit of self-loathing.  I’m sort of reminded of Adam Gadahn.  Obviously, Gadahn was not a scenester in this way, but he also wandered through life never quite connecting with anything and you know what happened to him.

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