Revolution Muslim Threatens South Park and Sputters in Helpless Rage at Scholars of Jihadism

The Revolution Muslim website run by our friends in New York has gone down for the time being, apparently because the powers that be took exception to them posting something that walked at least right up to the line of being a death threat against the producers of South Park for portraying Mohammed in their latest episode.

Theo Van Gogh's body: Is this a death threat?

Theo Van Gogh's body: is this a death threat?

Here is the AP’s coverage of the story.  If you want to see what the offending RM blog post was, you can look here where Google cached most of it.  I thought the picture of Theo Van Gogh with a knife sticking out of his chest was particularly tasteful.

It’s rather a pity that the site has gone down because with it we also seem to have lost a very amusing post on “Fomenting Disunity in the Counterterrorism Movement” which criticizes the work of Jarret Brachman, Evan Kohlmann, and J. M. Berger.  Interestingly, RM urges Muslims to avoid debating with these experts under most circumstances because it’s hard for a jihobbyist to do so “without making a fool out of his or herself.”  The main thrust of the argument with regard to Brachman was that his views could be used to divide the community of counterterrorist analysts into factions.  What RM misses, of course, is the healthy aspect to debate and intellectual competition.  Kohlmann, RM suggests, can be exploited by pointing out that his views coincide with the views of many conservatives, hence he could be painted as a “wingnut.”  A recent Berger piece allegedly could be used to divide us all into pro-Janet Napolitano and anti-Janet Napolitano camps.  RM’s conclusion is that “We should strive to see Democrat CT experts and Republican CT experts in sha’a Allah.”

RM is struggling to have a good idea here, but can’t quite close the deal.  It is true, IMHO, that Democratic and Republican “experts” on national security issues tend to be at best useless attack dogs.  To that extent, RM has a point.  However, what RM misses is that the fact that trained attack weasels are going at it will never stop serious people from considering interesting and important questions from a non-partisan, intellectual perspective.  I’m sure that Brachman, Kohlmann, and Berger all have their personal political views.  However, were they ever to become seen as partisan hacks, other people would fill in behind them.  There’s a market niche there in the market place of ideas, if nothing else.  There are reputations and careers to be made doing calm, thoughtful work.

It’s all very funny.  Unless you’re the South Park guys.

UPDATE: Revolution Muslim has issued a statement through another blog run by one of its (RM’s) individual members in which they clarify that they are not against “a rational dialogue.”  The statement goes on to argue that the depiction of Mohammed (and Jesus and Moses) in South Park typifies American imperialism.  The statement is fairly predictable from there on out.  The proprietor of this other blog, Abu Talhah al-Amrike has previously tweeted on the topic of South Park as follows: “May Allah kill Matt Stone and Trey Parker and burn them in Hell for all eternity. They insult our prophets Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses…” and “The kuffar are starting to really pick up on the South Park story in sha’a Allah this can be the USA’s version of the Rushdie affair in UK.”  It seems to me that these tweets rather undercut the attempt to sound reasonable in RM’s new statement.

SECOND UPDATE (4/22): WordPress has taken down the “Mujahid Blog” on which Revolution Muslim issued their explanatory statement.  The reason is “a violation of our Terms of Service.”

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  1. Yeah. Threatening SOUTH PARK creators was not a smart move. Threatening the U.S. military would have been a smarter move. Now their gonna have every zit faced nerdy hacker in the free world ripping their website a new one.

  2. I found myself surprisingly incensed by these threats. When the original dutch cartoon protests happened, I felt like maybe it was provocative towards muslims, and followed a northern-european thread of anti-muslim behavior. But knowing southpark like I do, this is a show that does everything in its power to be deliberately provocative. I honestly don’t find the show very funny, and it is often offensive. But I think something about having the jihadis attack a show that we all know so well really brings home exactly how against free expression they are. This isn’t a worldview that attempts to protect its own right to religious expression; this is a world view that is completely authoritarian.

  3. Exactly–threatening Trey Parker and Matt Stone here in the good ol USA? They will be hounded mercilessly

  4. “Rational Dialogue” with Muslims, are you kidding? There is no sense in that with Christians or any religion for that matter. You may as well start an argument with a door knob, you are not going to get anywhere. When religion and blind faith eventually kill themselves off we can start to head in the direction of peace on this planet, if we exist that long.

  5. Revolution Muslim-

    Well, this is the problem.
    Groups such as the Tea Party are adding members to their ranks, conservatism is blowing back into America and overall…
    People have had it with morons, especially in this country killing freedom of speech, trying to stop folks from putting up Christmas decorations on their lawns, stripping down Christmas pageants, etc.
    I am sick of the Muslim radical jackasses- South Park should have aired it.
    When they marched or tried to burn our flag in effigy and got their asses kicked on Main Street, USA, then thsi would send a happy sign to them.
    They should not be in New York- DEPORT THEM.

    • [response lightly edited –humbleauthor]
      I agree with the emotion of your sentiment, but you are not thinking it through completely. You say people are “killing freedom of speech” along with a few Christmas-related complaints, so you are probably a Christian. This is all completely fine. It’s when you say “muslim radical jackasses” and “When they marched or tried to burn our flag in effigy and got their asses kicked on Main Street, USA” that you become the definition of a hypocrite. It’s legal here to be Muslim, to march, and to burn the flag in effigy. I haven’t done it before, but I would gladly burn the flag in effigy just to prove this point to a hypocrite like you. Because I can. Because this is the United States of [********] America.

      The issue here is the death threat (of course it was, shut up RM) and the fact that Comedy Central bowed to their bullying, which is the worst part to me.

      So [*******] sick of religious assholes like Revolution Muslim, and just as sick of hypocrites like yourself.

      Good day, Ma’am.

  6. Well said Monica….I am sick of pussyfootin around,trying not to offend anyone.If we brought all out troops home yesterday,these Turds would still be threating us and carrying out bombings as they have before we got involved.”Is Mohammad Immune to Criticism?” Not in this country.Bite me

  7. the muslim militants should go f&%^ themselves. censorship is the refuse of ignorant scum. salafism vs. the west is a war. salafism vs. human rights is a war. right now, europe is wrestling with banning the burqa–a tool for enslaving women. what could be a clearer badge, declaring one’s unsuitabilty for living in our society? if not citizens, they should be evicted!

    i have no respect for the salafist ideology–they should be squashed, by all means at the authorities’ disposal. threats and hate speech are the places to start.

    death to the taliban and al qaeda!

  8. […] That episode resulted in a now-defunct website in New York,, issuing a thinly veiled death threat against the cartoon’s creators, including a picture of assassinated Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh with a knife sticking out of his chest (see what’s left of the post here, H/T Mark Stoudt). […]

  9. How dare ANY foreign entity, religious or otherwise, threaten anyone that practices ANY of our Constitutionally Protected RIGHTS while residing in this United States & enjoying the protection they would deny others.
    There is NO ROOM for RADICAL ZEALOTS in a free country.
    How would they like it if an American opened up a Porno Magazine Stand in their country? Personally, I feel if one hair on South Park Creators’is harmed by ANYONE in retaliation for ANY episode I support an effort to drop one million copies of HUSTLER Magazine in the HOLIEST of Muslim cities via helocopter!

    • Actually, the Revolution Muslim guys are Americans, which arguably makes it even worse.

  10. Some additional information on Revolution Muslim and their supporters you guys may be interested in:

    The Revolution Muslim guys were ALL once normal Americans before they converted to Islam. It’s really very messed up…

  11. I would have some questions for the members of Revolution Muslim, but I can’t find an email address for them, so perhaps they will read this post and respond. As a former sunni I wonder why Muslims immigrate to western nations? It is against the sunnah to immigrate to a non-Islamic society. The reason being it is easy to lose one’s faith surrounded by the so-called infidel. So why do you remain? Wouldn’t it be easier and more faithful to go to a Muslim nation? Having been Muslim I know that according to Muslims the worse Muslim is better than a non-Muslim. I know that it is alright to lie to a non-Muslim. So when you pretend to love Jesus and revere him as a prophet, and lie and say you consider the bible to be a holy book. The truth is as soon as you convert a non-Muslim you begin to indoctrinate them into only truly loving Muhammad (even though you teach that Muhammad died, while Jesus is alive, and Jesus is the only person who did not sin) and never reading a bible again. Of course, you keep them on hand because you have to keep up the front to ensnare the unlearned. What I found when I was sunni was a group of people who were dishonest and believed because they took a shahadad that they would be forgiven anything. Whereby I believe America has committed many wrongs, the current events of today with terrorism began with Muslims. Muslims hide behind piety, but are infact, devils. Muslims are bullies and say they don’t believe in compulsion, but are attempting to force Islam down everyone’s throat. The reason you don’t leave western nations is because you want to compell Islam on all. You bring death and destruction wherever you go. God says if he disagrees with what I have written it will not thunder in every capitol city in the world seven times in fifteen minutes.

    • I’m afraid that I have no reason to believe that the Revolution Muslim people read my blog. My book received little attention outside the immediate confines of the field, so I’m not the sort of public intellectual that, say, Jarret Brachman is. That said, I don’t agree with everything you say, but I wish you the best of luck engaging in dialogue. Dialogue, I believe, is the answer to many many problems.

      • Hopefully they’ll read it while they’re stroking their egos online in the months to come, laughing about their successful fishing trip.

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