Saif al-Adel on the Loose Again?

Saif al-AdelLeah Farrall over at All Things Counter Terrorism has found an interesting item online claiming that Saif al-Adel, a one-time very senior Al Qaida leader, was released from detention in Iran.  This would be very interesting and not good news, if true.  Here is some background information on al-Adel from West Point’s CTC.

Al-Adel, who became a colonel in the Egyptian military before going over to the dark side, used to write some of the more practical jihadist works on things like security, counterintelligence, and those sorts of things.

Assuming the story is true, this isn’t good news really, unless you are now in a position to turn him in to American authorities.  There’s a $5 million check waiting for you at the State Department, if you are.

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  1. Yes it is true as I got a confirmation about this yesterday from Afghanistan. It seems that the release of UBL’s daughter back in December was step one in a deal between AQ and Iran to get a kidnapped Iranian diplomat released. The release of al-Adl is supposed to be step two. Two interesting observations on this:
    1) Al-Adl is more or less the guardian for UBL’s children since the mid-90s.
    2) Al-Adl always has been close to the Pasdaran in Iran.
    If the release of al-Adl materializes it will be a boost for AQ as its most experienced military commander will be back in the field and he is taking back also his personal network. So capabilities of AQ will grow two to threefold.
    Question is what is role is Iran playing in this?

  2. al adel is not a colonel or even army man and col makkawi is not saif al adel it is a plot

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