The Woes of Al Qaida in Iraq

I’ve got a couple posts brewing, but for today, just run over  to Marc Lynch’s blog and check out his summary and assessment of the 55 page document he found in one of the jihadist forums: “A Strategic Plan to Improve the Political Position of the Islamic State of Iraq.”

As he describes it, the document is quite honest about AQI’s problems which it attributes largely to America’s informational and political efforts.  Specifically the document says that the US achieved success by blaming AQI for committing atrocities against the Iraqi people and by means of the “Awakenings” which by and large turned the tribes against the jihadists.

Lynch observes that the document says little about the impact of the surge.  This is, indeed, interesting, though the reason for it may be found in the title of the document, which promises a political analysis not a military one.  (Of course, the surge was useful for things other than directly fighting AQI.)  In the end, we will have to await a translation of the original.

In the meantime run over and see what Lynch has to say.  This is a major find.

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  1. Interesting how the “Algeria model” continues to haunt them. One of the few things that consistently stymies them.

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