The “Jihad Jane” Case and Penetrating the Global Jihad

You are probably aware of the “Jihad Jane” case which broke today.  The short version, a federal grand jury has indicted a woman named Colleen LaRose for conspiring with jihadists abroad to kill a Swedish artist who drew an offensive picture of the Prophet Muhammed.

Colleen LaRose (Credit: 6ABC/WPVI)

The press reports to do not indicate whether Ms. LaRose was raised a Muslim, but it is a safe assumption that she wasn’t.  Assuming also, for the sake of argument, that she is guilty, this case shows how simple it is to penetrate the global jihad.  Because Islam, like Christianity, claims universal applicability and because the jihadists are trying to bring people to “true Islam” (as they see it), they tend to accept anyone who says they share their beliefs.  Now, getting into the jihad is not the same as penetrating Al Qaeda Central.  That said, her case seems to show that it is ridiculously easy to get bad people to share their secrets.  This is a major advantage that we have and the jihadists can’t easily sidestep the problem while still staying true to their understanding of their faith.

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