In Search of Salafi Jihadist Strategic Thought

The terrorism journal in the pretty pink cover.

I thought I might also mention that in the late pre-blog era I had an article in the October issue of Studies in Conflict and Terrorism (available on newsstands everywhere) entitled “In Search of Salafi Jihadist Strategic Thought.”  Perhaps it would be of interest to some of you.  Here is the abstract.

Al Qaeda and its affiliates (AQA) are a loose conglomeration of groups and individuals linked by adherence to a form of Sunni Islam that they call Salafi jihadism. The written works of an intellectually vigorous group of thinkers within AQA show that strategic thought grounded in mainstream global thought on revolutionary warfare exists within this community. A major concern of the strategic thinkers is the extent to which the foot soldiers ignore their prescriptions, engaging in disjointed, counterproductive operations. The U.S. Department of Defense is examining methods by which it might broaden scholarly access to an extensive collection of captured terrorist documents. Such an action would provide fertile grounds for studying this issue.

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